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Kapil Sharma Rescues Toddler During Show In Surat

Kapil Sharma recently held a live show in Surat where he expected and audience of 5,000 people but 25,000 showed up.

Amidst the crowd a toddler got separated from her parents, but luckily the comedian found her and took charge of her. The child was only two and half years old. The Comedy Nights With Kapil host said: "She was so young and vulnerable. She couldn't speak. She was just crying. Watching children cry is the most heart breaking experience of my life. The little girl reminded me of my own niece. My heart melted."

Kapil took the girl on stage and called for her parents. The frantic father leapt up on stage only to get a mouthful from Kapil.

"I took the father to task in public. He deserved it. Being a responsible father is the foundation for being a good citizen. We have to learn to take our obligations more seriously," he said.

Surat was an eye-opening experience for Kapil. (Also Read: Kapil talks about working with YRF)

"They told me there would be around 5,000 people. There were 25,000 people. There were people from all over Gujarat. Because of my busy schedule, I don't give that many live performances these days. Though come to think of it, even Comedy Nights With Kapil is a like a live performance!"

"So when people heard of my show in Surat, they arrived from all over Gujarat in bus loads. I was overwhelmed."
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Salman Khan Could Land Into A Legal Mess

Three key eyewitnesses; Mannu Khan, Mohammed Kalim Iqbal Pathan and Muslim Shaikh, on Tuesday, May 06, 2014 told a sessions court that they saw Salman Khan getting down from the driver’s seat of an SUV, twelve years after it ran over a group of people in Bandra.
All the three eyewitnesses were among those injured. They were all workers of the American Bakery outside which the accident took place killing one and injuring four others on the night of September 28, 2002.

Salman Khan was present in court. Even while Salman Khan’s lawyers have argued for more than a decade that he was not at the wheel, the witnesses said they saw him getting out from the driver’s side of the Toyota Land Cruiser a little after 02:00 am on September 28, 2002.

While one witness said he saw the actor getting down from the front door on the right hand side, the other said he had seen Salman Khan getting down from the driver’s seat. Another witness said the actor had got down from the vehicle but did not remember from which side he got down.

At the end of the proceedings, the Bandra police moved an application to the court saying that Muslim Shaikh had received a threat call. Inspector Rajendra Kane of the Bandra police station said that a case had been registered and the investigation was underway.

“Muslim Shaikh told us that he had received two anonymous calls asking him to back away from deposing. The court has directed us to investigate the complaint and submit a report by May 19, 2014. We are tracing the caller,” so stated Inspector Rajendra Kane.

Through the daylong proceedings, Salman Khan, sat in the accused box at the end of the courtroom following the trial. Accompanying him were his sisters Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Arpita Khan.

If convicted, Salman Khan faces imprisonment of up to ten years in jail. The prosecution led by Jagannath Kenjralkar will examine other three witnesses on May 19, 2014.
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